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COVID-19 Health Updates

Your Health and Safety are our number one priority here at Angel Falls Xtreme Adventures. COVID-19 cases continue to rise worldwide, and the consequences of this pandemic have been dire. Our team takes COVID-19 very seriously and have implemented advanced protocols to ensure that we do our part in putting an end to this pandemic.

Gold Standard Certified

Our entire staff have been fully vaccinated and wear their masks throughout all tours. Face Masks are required by law, mandated by the Government of Belize, even if you are fully vaccinated. Our health and safety protocols are in accordance with the Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB) Gold Standard Certification. We are equipped with sanitation stations, hand washing stations, and can practice social distancing easily, because we are in open areas, deep within the jungle. Our equipment, vehicles, and public areas get cleaned and disinfected constantly, leaving no room for error. Temperature and wellness checks are done prior to every tour to ensure that everyone is in good health before they participate. Our sanitation and hygiene standards comply with those set by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, Belize’s Ministry of Health, and Belize Tourism Board. 

Helpful Links

To learn more about arriving in Belize and the national Gold Standard Health and Safety Guidelines, please click on the Safe Medal below for the Belize Tourism Board. There are also additional resources listed below to find out more about COVID-19. 

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